Online Makeup Courses: The Pro’s & Con’s

Online Makeup Courses: The Pro’s & Con’s

We weigh up the pros and cons of online makeup courses against traditional makeup training courses…

In this digital age, there’s virtually nothing you can’t learn. All you have to do is search the internet and do your research, right? I mean, YouTube has everything you need to know about anything. Why not take advantage of it?

How-To makeup tutorials you can find on YouTube and Social Media are great for learning makeup tips and ideas, however if you’re really passionate about pursuing a career in the field of makeup artistry you need to take it further…

Like any other career field, makeup artistry is a craft that is best learned from professionals who have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to lead you down the path to success; something a simple YouTube video simply cannot do.

Pursuing a career in the field of makeup artistry is much more complex than some may think. If you’re serious about chasing after your dream of becoming a professional makeup artist, why not do it properly and receive accreditation in the process? When clients look for potential service providers, in any field, one of the first things they check are the provider’s credentials. Sure, a great portfolio might land you a few gigs here and there, but accreditation from a high-quality professional makeup training program will help you build a business with a lifetime of earning potential.

The best makeup training if you want to be a Professional Makeup Artist

A makeup training course provides the educational opportunity that YouTube tutorials can’t, and after all, no one’s ever received certification from YouTube University! Invest in yourself and receive the confidence and experience that only a makeup training course can offer.

By now, you’ll have probably done your research on the internet about the different makeup courses that are available and are wondering which is the best makeup training to go for… And quite quickly you may have noticed that are is quite a big price difference between traditional makeup training programs and online makeup courses…

Online makeup artist courses appear to be a good place to begin your career as a makeup artist because they’re a lot cheaper than traditional classroom-based training. You can work completely online and at your own pace, so there are no time constraints or travelling expenses. Online makeup training offers structured courses with makeup and colour theory in addition to practical videos.

However online courses are not always accredited and it is hard to learn all about a creative, hands-on profession this way – what you don’t get from an online makeup course is the practical experience that so necessary for learning the art of makeup.

If you’re serious about making a career as a professional makeup artist it’s most important that you choose a professional makeup course which provides you with the opportunity to hone your practical skills in a hands-on environment, while under the watchful eye of professional makeup artists, who can give you feedback and help when needed. And whilst you don’t need a formal qualification to be a makeup artist, it will benefit your career as a professional in the field of makeup artistry if you have gained professional accreditation.

If this article has you decide about becoming a professional makeup artist, we invite you to learn about our professional makeup training courses.  We would love to add you to our family of successful makeup training graduates!

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